Specializing in electrical services for:
- Home Renovations
- Basement Development
- Garage Builds
- & general home Upgrades

Welcome to Brighter Day Electric

Home Renovation - Basement Renovation

We will happily look after any and all electrical work for your renovation or building project. Relax in knowing that the job is being done right so that your comfort and investment are taken care of.

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Security Lighting

We can install lighting that will illuminate any narrow walkways or areas on your property with motion sensor lights that will provide peace of mind in added safety and security.

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Indoor Lighting

We can take care of the pesky job of replacing or upgrading your lighting helping you better enjoy your home and office while adding to its value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for installing a light fixture?

There are more brands and types of lighting fixtures than we can count but installing them generally involves the same steps. First is the cost of the actual fixture and this can vary wildly depending on your taste and your budget. Discount fixtures can be as inexpensive as $10, more expensive ones easily running into […]

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What is GFI protection and why do I need it?

As most adults understand, water and electrical circuits do not mix but children may not realize the danger. A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is designed to overcome this problem by “tripping” and cutting off the flow current if someone inadvertently completes the circuit while standing in water. GFCIs work by comparing the input current […]

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What is a Master Electrician?

A professional that has at least 7 years of experience as an Electrician and 3 years as a qualified Journeyman. Master Electricians are the only ones that can pull permits with a municipality and are insured. This gives a level of accountability and peace of mind to the consumer knowing they are dealing with an […]

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