Specializing in electrical services for:
- Home Renovations
- Basement Development
- Garage Builds
- & general home Upgrades

Welcome to Brighter Day Electric

Home Renovation - Basement Renovation

We will happily look after any and all electrical work for your renovation or building project. Relax in knowing that the job is being done right so that your comfort and investment are taken care of.

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Security Lighting

We can install lighting that will illuminate any narrow walkways or areas on your property with motion sensor lights that will provide peace of mind in added safety and security.

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Indoor Lighting

We can take care of the pesky job of replacing or upgrading your lighting helping you better enjoy your home and office while adding to its value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to upgrade my electrical service?

When electricity was first introduced on a widespread scale in the United States over a century ago, no one – not even Thomas Edison! – really anticipated how integral it would become to modern life. That century has seen a lot of technological innovation that continues to this day. Older systems often become obsolete within […]

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Why do I need Arc Fault protection as well?

Water is not the only think that presents a danger to the electrical lines in a home. Aging appliances and wiring can also cause a problem known as “arcing.” This phenomenon can cause overheated wires or actual electrical discharges and lead to the start of a fire. Normal arcing is common in electrical circuits such […]

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Why should a homeowner upgrade to energy efficient lighting?

Electricity costs money and it is not getting any cheaper. For this reason alone, upgrading to energy efficient lighting – light emitting diodes (LEDs) or compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) – makes good economic sense. Upgrading in this manner will immediately save you money on your monthly utility bill and may will eventually pay for the […]

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