Darrell Ingeveld, Master Electrician

I grew up in Sundre, Alberta which is NW of Calgary on a cattle ranch that has been the basis for my ongoing relationship with nature and the outdoors. My entrepreneurial routes came from this and I learned a lot about hard work and sustaining a business.

After graduating high school I upgraded my schooling and went and took a two year personal development and leadership training course alongside people hailing from nations fromaround the world.

After this experience I began my apprenticeship with Gwynn Electric a community pillar in my town where I gained a wide variety in experience in residential, commercial, and oil field maintenance. I later moved to Calgary and did a lot of work in the commercial field with established developers and decided later to specialize in residential electrical as it was a field I was most interested in and passionate about.

Two years ago I achieved my Master Electrician status and shortly after that I opened my own business to serve the great people of Southern Alberta.

One of my passions is community service and the organization that I love to support is Wounded Warriors Canada a wonderful organization that helps Veterans and their families work through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other OSI (operational stress injuries) . Through their programs and tireless efforts lives are being saved.

I am also an artist that enjoys partaking in theatre/film arts in the Calgary area and I am currently preparing for a Royal Conservatory level exam in Guitar.